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Commendable Rehab Program
I recently completed my 30 day program at Rehabs in San Antonio. The staff is very friendly and everything is done the right way. I was able to get sober after a 3 year addiction to opiates. I recommend this drug rehab program.
, San Antonio Feb 25, 2012

Effective Treatment Program of Rehabs in San Antonio
My sister was a hopeless case. We tried about everything, but your program was the only thing that ever helped. Thanks to you Rehabs in San Antonio!
, San Antonio Nov 8, 2011

Better Treatment at Rehabs in San Antonio
Rehabs in San Antonio has helped me to put my life on a different and better track.Their Staff are dedicated to their client and the excellent facility was really an added attraction to the patients.
, San Antonio Jan 12, 2002

Fabulous Rehabs in San Antonio
The staff helped me a lot and I learned how to live. Since I left treatment, re-established my relationships with my children and the rest of my family. This program gave me a second chance at life and I am grateful to them.
, San Antonio Oct 31, 2011

Thanks Rehabs in San Antonio
I found knowledgeable and caring staff here in Rehabs in San Antonio . There were held evening meetings in wonderful environment which were very instrumental to my growth. Thanks to Rehabs in San Antonio!
, San Antonio Aug 23, 2011

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